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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If a website was not added, it was probably due to a macromedia flash component of your website blocking our spider. If your site is mainly flash based, this is ok but you may need to manually fill in the submission form and double check that the website name, url, description, email and username password fields are filled out correctly before final submit.
NOTE2: If a city was not selected during submission, your listing will be listed in the states capital city.

Q1     How many AlmostFree™ listings can I add to NitPickitŪ City ADS?

A1     As many as you want. Each city AD listing is just $20.00 for the review and inclusion upon approval! Important: A website cannot be added to a state itself, only the city beneath the state (or else your listing wont show up! or we may have to add your city to the list). So please do not choose the state only. Choose the state and city together. Ex: Florida/Orlando. Note: Your AD may also be found when someone does a state-wide search!
(Websites cannot be listed in more than 4 states (total) unless the business has a physical location in those states.) Cost for an AD will always stay at the price it was originally purchased.

Q2a     Can I add the same URL to multiple cities in the dental & Law business sections? (links that are paid for 1 year @ $99.95)

A2a     Yes

Q2b     What else do I get with a attorney/Dental Professional listing?

A2b     You also get a regular city AD Lisiting for free.

Q3     I don't have a website myself or I created a website with my own domain name, However, the main function of my website is to sell someone elses product(s) such as an affiliate, associate or reseller with a company that has more than 10 affiliates or is well known.

A3     You will need to put your personal name in the title. ex: xyz candle company - Your Name (Because your name is the only thing that is truley unique when selling for big affiliate network sites)

Q4     What's the difference between the business listings and classifieds?

A4     AlmostFree™ and "by Interest" business listings allow companies to advertise by U.S. city and by topic in NitPickIt's directories. NitPickIt's Swaptrader classified section allows anyone who is selling or buying something to communicate with each other by U.S. County.

Q5     Can I chat with others from my own state or even my own town or city?

A5     Yes, there is a chat feature depicted by a talking computer character next to Add URL near the top of the state pages.

Q6     How can I send out a press release for my company?

A6     Near the bottom of every page in the business listings, there is a link that says "send out your press release"
you need to click it and log-in or register for an account. You may then post news! If you don't need to send out a press release, you can submit articles as well. We encourage this, as this adds to the user experience :)

Q7     Where does my press release go after i submit it?

A7     To hundreds of news websites or Blogs/Weblogs accross the nation

Q8     How long is the register process for features NitPickItŪ offers?

A8     All registering requires is just a few lines of information and all information is kept private. Most accounts are activated immediately or within 48 hours.

Q9     How do I submit my website to the business listings?

A9     Business websites will be added to the NitPickItŪ USA business directory by clicking Add URL on the state page or by clicking Add New Website in the city categories.

Q10     How do I modify or change my listing?

A10     Please Click here for that

Q11     When I send out a press release using NitPickItŪ News, where can i see it on NitPickItŪ?

A11     It will be on the front page "Top News Stories" here. and the state page you posted in.

Q12     Do I have to register as a journalist to be able to add comments to news articles?

A12     Yes, no spam please.

Q13     Can I have More than one journalist account?

A13     No. Because no matter what state you choose to submit an article to, the press release or article will be shown on the front page and other blogs as well. No need for more than one.

Q14     Are there any pop up ads in (Nbox Email)

A14     No. For a full list of features click here

Q15     When is the trash in my trash folder automatically deleted in my (Nbox) Email account?

A15     At 12 Midnight every night.

Q16     How much does it cost to use the features of NitPickItŪ?

A16     IT'S ALL FREE or AlmostFree™!(except The Professional Business Services Section and sometimes the NitPickIt By Interest directory (if your business is for profit) We like it when you decide to buy something from any image ad or link on nitpickitŪ, this helps us give you this beautiful service. Thanks in advance ;) or you may donate Here

Q17     Are links to adult material with Explicit Photography allowed?

A17     No

Q18     How can i prolong my classified ad?

A18     After your ad expires please log in to your account, you will need to recreate the ad. If you have already sold your item, simply log in and delete your ad.

Q19     Question not answered?

A19     Please use this form for further assistance

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